PORTFOLIO 2014 : Concept Design

The Melamine Collection: Concepts, sketches, and final collection.

The Geisha Series: Digital 2D exploration, personal project

Mad Max Collection: Work-in-Progress, with rapid ideation sketches

Various Pencil Sketches: Rapid prototyping, Ideation

Various Character Designs: Traditional media & quick digital

The Fall Outfit: Exploration (digital & pencil)

League of Legends: Skin Concepts (Work in Progress)

Various Client Works

FLEA Mrkt: Original comic, published by Trevor Sieben (Mixed Media, traditional)

Personal Work: Ink & Pen, original concept art

Professional Work: Original concept collection (client: Lululemon)

Self-Initiated Concept Exploration: Birkenstock SUPERCHUNK Collection

Personal Photography: Concept, Art Direction, Styling & Photography (make-up collaboration with Andrea Blunt)

Digital Painting (Initial Pencil Sketch)

The Walken Situation: Personal Work (the greatest actor of all time)

Research & Ideation: Personal sketchbooks, various