Peter Lindbergh featured my drawing of his photograph of Karen Elson on his instagram!!! It was, without exaggeration, one of the best moments of my life :) The way he described my work was so kind too, he must be a very warm-hearted person.
If you don’t know who Peter Lindbergh is, he is one of the best fashion photographers of all time! The most iconic photographs of every major supermodel in the past 20 years has been lensed by him, many of these models’ careers were made by his pictures. He is still incredible today, shooting the Louis Vuitton and Chanel campaigns, and regularly exhibiting his art.

The picture he took of Karen Elson was part of an incredible shoot for Vogue Italia in September 1997. I believe this was a double issue month, with one huge book for prêt-à-porter, and another huge book for couture. This issue was packed full of amazing images, including Ellen Von Unwerth’s At That Time, not to mention all the Steven Meisel work. It contains the ads for Tom Ford’s Gucci, and snapshots of Galliano’s first couture collection for Christian Dior. There is hardly any retouching on the photographs or ads, from what I can tell.
I dug through my magazines and realized that instead of keeping the Couture book, I had torn out the editorials :( I still have the prêt-à-porter one, but believe me I’m kicking myself now. So here are my tears, in all their ripped up glory:

You’ll probably notice that I’m missing the actual picture that I drew, which is this one:

The funny thing about that is at the time that I was buying these magazines, I lived in Malaysia. Due to their strict censorship of nudity and sexuality under Islamic law, this image (and whatever was on the back of it) had been clipped out of my issue, which makes me smile now. But at the time, whenever you bought something and realized it had been censored, was very frustrating! 
Each copy of Vogue Italia was RM50, which is the equivalent of US$50 in terms of what you could buy, and would take me about a month to save up my allowance for. And over the years, after lugging around your entire magazine collection, you start minimizing and editing, and you end up with a few tear outs if you’re lucky.

So, thank you again Mr.Lindbergh. It is likely a small thing to you, but seeing someone who I have admired for nearly twenty years take notice of my work meant an incredible amount to me. It made yesterday one of the best days of my life :)